Polo Season 2013/2014

The 2013/2014 season started on Friday the 11th October with some slow Chukkas. The aim of the day being to ease back into the season, test out the gear and gently get the horses back into polo mode.

The field is recovering nicely from its facelift that the Ostrich Ranch undertook over the winter (a few mounds were removed) and we and the horses are eternally grateful for their continued and unstoppable passion to keep this sport alive in Cape Town.

We have some new members in the form of:

  1. Pip Ratcliffe
  2. Jessica Henrich
  3. Metthew Moxon
  4. Tessa Moxon

This season will see our chukka board run out of space.

Over the winter the Riding School started in earnest with Stacey Leigh Wright giving riding lessons and schooling to members and horses alike. Her work is certainly showing a difference early on in the season.

Gearing up for polo season in Cape Town

At the Cape Town Polo club we take pride in our field which means ensuring that it is suitably looked after. So having been well watered, fertalized and rested over the winter months the old John Deer has been fired up and the work has begun to get the field into shape for season.


We are also hard at work making sure the club fridge is properly gassed up as it has to make it through a season of keeping our sponsors beers cold, who else but Peroni!



And finally, we are pleased to say that the peroni sponsored, Cape Town Polo Club support team has been hard at work getting into shape and will be at every event come rain or shine from the start of season.






Polo Ball

It’s that time of year again!
We’re all sitting around in the middle of ‘off-season’ doldrums wondering what to do with our weekends.

Well, wallow no longer, we’ve teamed up with Western Province Eventing as well as the Cape Hunt Club and organised the very first Eventing Polo Hunt Ball.

So brush off the old formal attire, get out your dancing shoes, and make sure you’ve booked your tickets for a whirlwind of fabulous food, festivities and dancing the night away.

Date: 10 August 2012
Where: Kelvin Grove (next to Newlands Cricket Stadium) – The Ball Room
Time: 7 for 7:30 pm
Dress: Adults – Formal & Children – Semi-formal
Price: R350 per person
Includes: Dinner, dancing & cash bar

Polo players: Give Anthony Baines a  call (082 802 2641) or email him to make sure you’ve reserved your table.

See you there !

So close, but sooo far !

In an action packed final on the Kurland Pavillion field, CTPC pushed Jaeger into extra time, but were just pipped by a deadly Chris Collins tail shot, leaving the final score at 6 for Jaeger and 5 for CTPC. (We now officially hate Chris !)

It’s great to see a CTPC team back at Kurland and in addition doing so well ! Next year we’ll be back in full force with at least two teams… watch out Plett… we need new silverware !

Well done guys… we’ll get them next time !

CTPC makes Plett 2 goal final !

Well it’s all happening down in Plett this week !

CTPC destroyed Mabelstone 8 goals to 4 1/2 with goals flying in from all team members and cool hand Marek adding yet another notch to his mallet… (better watch out dad, he’s going to be taking all the penalities in future).

With that win, it certainly gave the organisers a headache to contend with, as CTPC ended up tie with Seven Oaks for the remaining spot in the final. Not only did they tie on games, but they also tied on handicap, as well as number of goals scored and to top it off, they tied on goals scored against !

So… for the 2nd time in Plett Polo history, CTPC ended up in a penalty shootout against Seven Oaks.

Well cool hand Marek obviously had a bit to say to motivate his team, as he casually slotted 4 out of 6 of his penalties through the ivories putting pressure on his dad Pawel and uncle Garth to follow suit, which they did with 4 and 5 goals respectively. With a tough act to follow Johan, still recovering from tick bite fever, buckled a bit and dropped 3 but still kept the points up there.

The pressure obviously took it’s toll for Seven Oaks and particularly for Plett pro Shaun Brokensha who least managed to put 1 on the board to avoid a golden duck, as his side bowed out of the top slots.

The final kicks off this Friday afternoon on the renown Kurland Pavilion field at 4:30pm, where CTPC again meet Jaeger. It promises to to be a tough challenge as the Crossley’s are sure to bring their ‘A’ game to the party.

If you’re in Plett, make SURE that you’re there to catch all the action !

Can’t win them all !

The onslaught of Jaeger Polo was just too much for CTPC yesterday, with Jaeger inching into the lead by 6 goals to 5. In a tough game, young Marek scores his first goal in open play, and uncle Garth (‘ ToyBoy ‘) takes a tumble while executing a spectacular goal in true Kanigowski style.

Unfortunately defence was the name of the game, and looks like we’re going to have to go back to the drawing board if we’re going to beat Mabelstone at Jaeger Polo tomorrow (Wednesday at 11:15am).

Again, if you’re in the area, be sure to catch the game.

CTPC draws 4 all to Seven Oaks

Cape Town Polo Club’s youngest member, Marek Kanigowski, scores the first goal in his very first 2 goal tournament, and helps to draw the game 4 all against Seven Oaks at Jaeger Polo in Plett !

Marek is backed up by his dad Pawel, his uncle Garth and Johan du Plooy. With such good backup we’re sure to see young Marek add more goals as the tournament progresses.

They’re in for an interesting game on Monday at 10am when they play Jaeger at Mabelstone. Jaeger will kick off with a full goal on the board, and it’s going to be a uphill fight right from the start.

If you’re down in Plett make sure to get through to Mabelstone before 10am to watch the game.