CTPC draws 4 all to Seven Oaks

Cape Town Polo Club’s youngest member, Marek Kanigowski, scores the first goal in his very first 2 goal tournament, and helps to draw the game 4 all against Seven Oaks at Jaeger Polo in Plett !

Marek is backed up by his dad Pawel, his uncle Garth and Johan du Plooy. With such good backup we’re sure to see young Marek add more goals as the tournament progresses.

They’re in for an interesting game on Monday at 10am when they play Jaeger at Mabelstone. Jaeger will kick off with a full goal on the board, and it’s going to be a uphill fight right from the start.

If you’re down in Plett make sure to get through to Mabelstone before 10am to watch the game.

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