CTPC makes Plett 2 goal final !

Well it’s all happening down in Plett this week !

CTPC destroyed Mabelstone 8 goals to 4 1/2 with goals flying in from all team members and cool hand Marek adding yet another notch to his mallet… (better watch out dad, he’s going to be taking all the penalities in future).

With that win, it certainly gave the organisers a headache to contend with, as CTPC ended up tie with Seven Oaks for the remaining spot in the final. Not only did they tie on games, but they also tied on handicap, as well as number of goals scored and to top it off, they tied on goals scored against !

So… for the 2nd time in Plett Polo history, CTPC ended up in a penalty shootout against Seven Oaks.

Well cool hand Marek obviously had a bit to say to motivate his team, as he casually slotted 4 out of 6 of his penalties through the ivories putting pressure on his dad Pawel and uncle Garth to follow suit, which they did with 4 and 5 goals respectively. With a tough act to follow Johan, still recovering from tick bite fever, buckled a bit and dropped 3 but still kept the points up there.

The pressure obviously took it’s toll for Seven Oaks and particularly for Plett pro Shaun Brokensha who least managed to put 1 on the board to avoid a golden duck, as his side bowed out of the top slots.

The final kicks off this Friday afternoon on the renown Kurland Pavilion field at 4:30pm, where CTPC again meet Jaeger. It promises to to be a tough challenge as the Crossley’s are sure to bring their ‘A’ game to the party.

If you’re in Plett, make SURE that you’re there to catch all the action !

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